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Collective responsibility, brand custodianship, and talent appreciation are the guiding principles behind life at Legrand. At Legrand, our employees are committed advocates of our brand. Our workforce is encouraged to aspire to the high standard of excellence that is implicit in the Legrand brand story. Numerous HR initiatives are optimised to create maximum goal-fulfillment in the workplace and externally. We have crafted several programmes for employee-assistance that propel individuals towards personal advancement.

At Legrand, we leverage the positivity of our work environment to foster open communication across all echelons. A dynamic yet organised workflow is stratified for each vertical, giving all personnel task-clarity alongside professional liberty to meet business goals.

Diwali Celebrations – powered by elle@legrand

Diwali is one of the most widely celebrated festivals of Indian culture. It spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair. Diwali is rightly called as ‘Festival of Lights’.

The festival was celebrated over 2 days at the office, on 16th October & 17th October.

Diwali celebrations began in a unique way. On 16th October a painting artist of ‘Indian Mouth & Foot Painting Artists’ an NGO providing a platform to express artistic talent of disabled artists. One of their artists was invited to showcase his talent of painting with foot. The artist completed the painting in the presence of all employees while the artefacts made by similar artists were kept for sale. The employees supported this noble & social cause by buying various artefacts. It was an inspiring moment to witness.

The fanfare & festivities symbolising Diwali were on full display on 17th October. The celebration was themed – “Melting Pot of Indian Culture”. The celebration was to depict the culture of three prominent states of India – Maharashtra, Gujarat & Tamil Nadu. This involved showcasing respective cultures of the states through various dance forms, cultural activities, food and traditional attire. Employees of all the 3 teams showed tremendous enthusiasm, dedication & creativity. Legrand India Head Office experienced a unique level of vibrancy, energy & enthusiastic participation.

While the Cultural Fanfare brought out the competitive Spirit among the teams, the true winner was the bonding and togetherness experienced by every member of the team.

The event was followed by the Laxmi Puja – a Prayer and ritual for prosperity and success - and grand Lunch.

The NGO and cultural fanfare was conceptualised, led & managed by elle@legrand team.