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Energy Distribution

Takes form of modular, scalable and rapidly deployable solutions integrated with cutting-edge technology, suited to local electrical standards.

Wiring Accessories

A range of Wiring Accessories that offer a wide choice for uninterrupted connectivity to fit every changing lifestyle need.

Home Automation

Legrand’s wired and wireless home automation solutions are completely customisable and match the most demanding aesthetic standards.

Door phones

Total home security and access monitoring control. D45 is a high-performing, security monitoring system that uses UTP cables and RJ45 connections.

Lighting Management Systems

Technically compliant with building energy efficiency requirements, ensuring right amount of light when and where you need it.

Cable Management Systems

End-to-end floor, overhead and perimeter system solutions that are cost-effective, quick and safe to install, engineered to deliver power and data.

Passive Networking

Quick, reliable and safe access to information networks that create coherent and efficient systems to keep your data moving all the way.