Hmm, I don't think that exists in my dictionary.
Try saying products featuresconnect instead.

Things connect, when we do.

Give those thumbs a rest.
Switch on your microphone and
speak to me instead.

Navigating through a connected world,
with Arteor.

Make your home as smart as you.
I am a smart gateway to your connected home ecosystem.

I make your smart home, smarter.

Connections as easy as 1-2-3! I enable your devices to connect to the internet. Experience this in three unique ways.


to me, and I will follow all your smart commands.


to access, enable and control my functionalities.


any device to activate a whole range of possibilities.

This is what makes me smart.

Your smart home already knows day from night. All you have to do, is empower it. Here's where I step in.

Comfort and Safety

Control your home and devices remotely.

Energy Saving

Control and measure energy consumption from your device.

Easy to Install

Upgrade to a connected installation with ease.

Convenient and Economical

Easy to use, one-time installation.

There's so much more I can do!

Just swipe the phone to unlock my potential.

Get in touch.

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