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Dimmer switch w/o neutral

Dimmer switch w/o neutralK4411CM2

  • Number of modules2
  • Pack1


Product Features

  • Connected Dimmer

Main Features

  • Dimmer/switch without neutral.

  • It allows to control lights locally or remotely, with the dimmer functionality that can be activated from APP Home+Control.

  • It has the same installation and usability of a traditional switch and it is compatible with all loads (LED, halogen) with power 5-300W at 230V.

  • It's equipped with a blue LED light used for localization modality or load status modality, configurable by APP.

  • It can be connected associated with “wireless light switches”. It doesn’t require connection to the neutral, it comes with an active compensator.

  • Power supply 110-230Va.c. - 2 modules.

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