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Lighting management BUS/SCS system dimming and actuators003562

Product Features

  • BUS - BUS/SCS extension
  • Used to extend a line beyond
  • 2 x 17.5 mm DIN modules

Main Features

  • Modular controllers and interfaces connected to the BUS/SCS by
  • BUS/SCS cable. Each output is independent and can be used in conjunction with a control
  • Configuration with controls and detectors:
  • intuitive with Cat.No 0035 70 (addressing module)
  • product customisation by touch support
  • through programming software Cat.No 0488 80
  • Used to extend a line beyond 175 products and
  • 300 m and therefore allows product identification
  • in the same line
  • Needs a power supply Cat.Nos 0035 60/66