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Lighting management BUS/SCS system SCS sensors048873

Product Features

  • RJ 45-BUS/SCS connectors
  • Female connector

Main Features

  • Connection:
  • to the controller by cord or RJ 45 cable (please refer to
  • Legrand general catalogue) or BUS/SCS cable to be fitted
  • with RJ 45 connector Cat.No 0488 72
  • to the BUS/SCS directly by cord or cable to be fitted with RJ 45 / BUS/SCS connector Cat.No 0488 72
  • Factory pre-set lighting threshold 500 lux for false ceiling detectors, 300 lux for surface-mounted detectors
  • Factory pre-set time delay 15 minutes. Walkthrough function activated (short time delay of 3 minutes for 1 walk through)
  • Site adjustment with mobile configurators Cat.Nos 0882 30/35
  • IR receivers
  • Allow controller(s) and detector(s) to be connected directly using BUS/SCS wiring by branch connection