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Living Now - Voice control - White

Living Now - Voice control - WhiteKW8013

  • Number of modules3
  • Pack1

Product Features

  • Living Now - Voice control - White

Main Features

  • Voice control with Amazon Alexa built in, it includes two touch digital controls for lighting management. 27 V d.c. power supply from BUS through connection module item K8001 or additional power supply unit, item K8003 - 3 modules. WHITE1.Functions:
  • They include the integrated controls in Amazon Alexa (timer and memos, Amazon Music, Audible, iHeartRadio, TuneIn) and the connected controls (light adjustment, temperature
  • variations, control of connected sockets and shutters).
  • The touch keys on your Alexa built-in voice control can control the lights in different ways.
  • Light Functions
  • Cyclical control without adjustment: when pressed, the device acts in ON/OFF mode. If the control is not configured in point-to-point, the device does not receive status return, and
  • alternately sends the ON/OFF command;
  • OFF: if configured in this mode, the device sends only the OFF command;
  • PUL: if configured in this mode, the device acts as a pushbutton;
  • Timed ON control: the device sends the switch-off command after the set time interval. The time duration depends on the value of the specific parameters.
  • Brightness control
  • With configured device, it is possible to set the LEDs to the default level or to the maximum level2.3.4.5.