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PMX Digital kWh meter414981

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Product Features

kWh LED meter
Cl 1

Main Features

RoHS Compliance
Old Energy register for back up of last cleared energy values
Bright LED with parameter name and value
Auto scaling capability in adjustment of Kilo, Mega, Giga.
kWh / kVA / PF / W - any one programmable
Positive energy accumulation even with CT polarity reversal with reverse lock program
High Accuracy with class 1 as per IEC 62053-21
Site selectable CT/PT ratios
Site selectable CT Secondary 1A/5A
Universal control power supply 80 – 300V AC/DC, 40-70Hz
Password protection for tamper proofing
Seamless integration with EMS/SCADA system with RS485 serial channel communication, Industry standard Modbus RTU protocol.
Pulse output for integration into a process through PLC/DCS for online energy management
Provision for Tamper proofing with meter casing*
*optional strip for tamper proofing.