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Wireless Curtain/Roller Blind Switch - Magnesium

Wireless Curtain/Roller Blind Switch - Magnesium574225

  • Number of modules2
  • Pack1/10


Product Features

  • Wireless Switch/Dimmer
  • Communicates With Connected Roller Blind Switch Using Zigbee 3.0 Technology(2.4 Ghz Waveband)
  • 2 Module

Main Features

  • Wireless Roller Blind Switch Is Used To Control Zone Or Centralised Control For Wired Roller Blinds/Curtain Switch.
  • *Fixes Directly On The Wall Or Screws Onto A Flush-Mounting Box.
  • *Fits On A Piece Of Furniture(Movable).
  • Can Control Up To 20 Roller Blind Switches.
  • Powered By A Cr2032 - 3 V Lithium Battery (Supplied)
  • Battery Life: 8 Years For 10 Activations A Day