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Designed with your convenience at the heart, we've combined the best of technology and design aesthetics to create the Myrius NextGen range. Explore myriad patterns and designs crafted meticulously, in the Motifs series of plates and switches. Live the advantage of connected devices that communicate with each other and act to make your life easy. Bring home the Myrius NextGen range to step into a future that’s bright, sustainable, comfortable and beautiful.
Discover the world of patterns and hues.
The Motifs series of patterned and designer plates and switches is made using cutting edge In-mould technology (IMD). Using this advanced form of plastic injection moulding method, we’ve been able to create intricate motifs on our plates and switches.
Myrius NextGen - Inspired by you. Crafted by us
A range of products, infused with the best of design and revolutionary new technology, with your needs at the heart. Discover motifs in plates and switches, the best of smart accessories and the power of IoT for your home. #LiveTheAdvantage
Myrius NextGen Feature
A range that has you at the heart. Come discover the unity of exquisite craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, created with just one purpose - to make your everyday better.
Motifs by Myrius NextGen
Hues and patterns inspired by India. Inspired by you and your favourites. Come take a look at our Motifs range of plates and switches that look anything but ordinary.
Connected switches – Inspired by your smart lifestyle
The Myrius NextGen range is blessed with the power of Internet of Things (IoT). A revolutionary technology that allows different components of devices or two separate devices to communicate with each other and take actions. This helps bring ease to your life, as our different switches or solutions can be programmed to automatically perform tasks by themselves. Smartness that can make your day better – right from waking up to going back to bed.
Discover the power of smart connectivity that brings ease.
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