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Home Automation

Our fully customized home automation solutions provide seamless control of functions in each room of your home.

Vantage Controls

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Being the global leader in home automation, Vantage follows a streamlined approach to controlling complex, modern spaces. Designed to combine aesthetics and technology seamlessly; Vantage systems deliver unprecedented control of luxury living and workspaces—from extraordinary lighting scenes to effortless comfort. By combining elegant, simple user interfaces, sophisticated lighting control, award-winning software, and lighting for life, Vantage has truly become the premier automated lighting solution for luxury lighting control.

Detailed Features & Benefits:

Intelligent Lighting Control
Seamlessly blending aesthetics and technology, Vantage provides the user with ultimate control over every facet of living in luxury homes and office spaces.

Comfort & Energy Control
Taking environmental control beyond lighting; Vantage products are designed to communicate with best-in-category products for comfort and energy management.

Local & Global Support
Vantage is proud to offer the most responsive assistance from our regional sales managers and trained representatives. On a broader scale, gain access to our global network of authorised integrators for project commissioning or in-field system training.

Specialised Design Services
Vantage provides a dedicated Design Services team for system layout support. Connect with a project management team member through an easy-to-use platform to discuss your product design and any support needs you may have.

Our systems are backed by an industry-leading, 5-year warranty.

- Applications
From homes to hotels, boardrooms to boutiques, indoor to outdoor lighting, the Vantage solution delivers a simple, streamlined approach to controlling complex, modern spaces.