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Common Bedroom Decor Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Bedrooms are one of the most private and sacred spaces in our home. It is where we spend roughly one-third of our lives sleeping and countless hours reading or with our loved ones. Which is why we’ve zeroed in on a few common mistakes all of us commit while decorating this space and provided handy solutions to sort them out!

Choosing only one type of lighting: This is by far the most common mistake out there. Your bedroom should contain a mix of task and ambient lighting for best results. To figure out the right mix for your needs you need to first determine how you will use your room. If you plan to use it to get dressed and apply makeup then bright, soft lighting around your mirror should be a priority. If reading in your bed is your jam, then glare-free reading lights at your bedside will help you read without forcing you to leave your bed to switch off the lights. Don’t want to invest in too many lights? Get a dimmer and adjust the levels to your liking!

Not getting your cords in order: Let’s face it, our lives depend on our smartphones. And they need charging. Instead of hunting for your charging cord every night, set up a permanent charging station by your bed. You can install an in-built USB charger if there is a shortage of sockets or invest in a longer cord if the nearest socket is a tad too far from your bed. Either way, you will be able to go to bed without fretting about your phone and its battery status.

Investing in the wrong bedside table: Most of us don’t really pay attention to our bedside tables and there’s where we go wrong. While we focus on the aesthetics of the table, its height is just as important. For a bedside table to be of the perfect height, it needs to be as high as the top of your mattress. Any higher or lower, you’ll have to stretch to reach it and that can be uncomfortable in the middle of the night when all you want is a glass of water.

Misplacing your rugs: Rugs at the foot of your bed may seem great in photographs, but they defeat the purpose of having rugs in the first place, to give your feet a soft and warm alternative to the cold and hard floor in the morning. Instead, place your rugs beside your bed and give your feet a cosy start to the day.

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