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Designing a Kids’ Room

It’s 2020 & the kids of this era love gadgets & technology! Smart devices like phones, TVs, other home appliances, gadgets, have become the new normal. Decorating your children’s room today with modern-day amenities is sure to be one of the most fun experiences. You want to give your child the best room ever.

Here, you can play with colorful walls, wall decals, brightly colored furniture, but more importantly, the technology that can add value and a fun element to your child’s room. The challenge with children’s rooms is that they need to be both functional and vibrant at the same time. So here are some cool technology elements that can enhance your child’s room:

Smart Home Assistants

From Alexa to Google Assistant for kids, voice assistant devices today are being interacted by kids of all ages. Today, the voice assistant helps kids by reciting alphabets, rhymes, poems, stories, and even speech techniques. The role of these connected devices is growing as it evolves even further, the role it will play in child day to day life is expected to only develop further.

Motion Sensors

There is always a chance for a child to get up in the middle of the night. In such cases, they might not be able to get up and reach the switches to turn off the lights of the bathroom or the passage. For such situations, Legrand’s Motion Sensors work best, as they detect movement and control the light basis movement.


In a situation where you might have to keep the lights on, Arteor wireless switch works wonders. This switch apart from switching on and off the lights doubles up as a dimmer through a long press. A handy thing to have in your kids’ room, considering this is also a connected switch which can be controlled by the parent through their mobile phones.


Be it playing games, painting or listening to music or stories, children always find a way to keep themselves entertained. The room should be designed in a way it allows them to express themselves. You can get e-readers to enhance their reading skills or integrate a connected speaker like Nuvo to listen and dance to music.

Here, the key is to focus on creating a room full of fun and zest without compromising on any of the functional and essential elements. We just need to ensure while designing, that there balance of technology that helps bring value to the room.

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