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Introducing Eliot- A Convergence of Electricity And IOT

As we zoom further into the digital age, the twin elements of electricity and the Internet have become an inescapable and integral part of our lives. Powering our world, bringing people closer and offering a wealth of convenience, these elements have changed the way our world works in the present day. Of these, the biggest disruptor has undoubtedly been the Internet. From making communications supersonic with email, to bringing knowledge to our fingertips with search engines, there is no doubt about the huge impact it has left on human history. With the rise of the Internet of Things or IoT, this impact has magnified manifold, even more so in our homes. Voice-controlled lights, sensor-based climate control and automatic security are just some of the changes that IoT has brought into our lives. Keeping in mind the huge potential of home-based IoT infrastructure and Legrand’s pioneering vision, we have developed the Eliot program.

What is Eliot?

The convergence of Electricity and the Internet of Things (IoT), the Eliot program is Legrand’s worldwide program that aims to speed up deployment of the Internet of Things within the Group’s product range. It supports the development of suitable digital infrastructures for buildings, promotes interoperability and improves user experience through injecting the power of communication into Legrand’s products and services. Its 3-pronged approach sees the company invest in:

The development of connected solutions,

  • The creation of suitable infrastructures,
  • The promotion of interoperability, enabling third parties to deliver services employing Legrand’s solutions.

Program beliefs:

With the Eliot program, Legrand puts forward its firm beliefs in:

  1. The value adds that intelligent connected devices bring to the user’s experience, whether they are end-users, installers, operators or facility managers. Examples of this include, a chatbot style virtual assistant that enables users to diagnose and anticipate faults, behaviour anticipatory technology that could revolutionise building and home security, to image recognition technology that adds a whole new dimension to access control.
  2. Connected objects for both private and commercial use. From smart lighting and connected switches at home to lighting management platforms for commercial buildings, Legrand aims to bring the power of IoT to every user. Offering solutions that are scalable, interoperable and easy to implement and maintain, Legrand aims to make every space connected, safe and more comfortable.
  3. Openness and interoperability. The key to a connected space is communication, which is not possible if there is no interoperability. By partnering with third-party systems and partners, Legrand aims to improve and add value to its user experience. Open to all, Eliot is already supporting a host of technological and commercial partnerships.
  4. Infrastructures and the cloud guarantee sustainability and scalability. While high performing networks are the key to IoT, they too are nothing without a strong infrastructure system in place. The data-heavy nature of IoT requires a strong infrastructure that collects, manages and interprets this essential to the connected experience data. Which is why Legrand has the Legrand Cloud as a secure data-host which offers a crucial solution to building scalability.  

As the number of homes and offices implementing IoT explode, Legrand hopes to keep Eliot at the forefront of all innovations in the field. Join us on this journey of connectivity and get set to make the future a smarter place to be.

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