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Make The Smart Choice. Why Investing In A Smart Home Is A Good Idea

At first glance, smart homes may make one run for the hills screaming due to the high im-plementation prices, but what most people don’t realise is that the money invested into a smart home actually pays for itself many times over. Let’s look at some of them.

1. Lower electricity expenses: This one thing alone can help you save more money than what it cost you to install a smart home. Smart homes use motion and some-times infrared sensors to detect presence to switch the lights, fans, coolers etc on and off when required. So you don’t have to worry about the fan you left on while setting off on your weeklong holiday. That’s not all, a smart thermostat also adjusts the temperature according to your needs. This could mean that it switches off when you leave home and turns itself back on right before you return so you can enjoy the perfect temperature right away.

2. A more secure home: Home security is not restricted to a privileged few any more. Smart door locks help you control your door remotely to allow loved ones or repairpeople access even when you’re not at home. Motion detectors can alert you in case of unauthorised entry or movement in your home which you can follow up through a smart camera.

3. A more comfortable life: The biggest advantages of a smart home is the sheer comfort it affords the homeowner. One can use a smart home to play their favourite music in any room without dragging a speaker or music player around, program the coffeemaker to brew at the chosen time. Devices like Amazon Echo and Google home can help you figure out weather conditions, read out the news, inform you about the scores and much more to make your life zen.

4. A healthier you: For the elderly and infirm, a smart home can be a major boon. Smart beds can help them keep a track of their health and sleep, sending out emergency alerts in case it senses any disruptions and more. Reports can be sent out to the concerned doctors who can keep a track on their patients without them making the trek to the doctor’s office.

Smart homes have multiple advantages, some more apparent at the beginning than oth-ers. What it is not though is a waste of money. Done right, an investment in a smart home can end up being, well, a smart idea after all.

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