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Reimagining The Switch Socket


As a builder, you help people connect with their dreams and aspirations. The look of joy on their faces – when they enter their home and marvel at its build-quality, finish, and thoughtful planning – this is what makes the process of building immensely satisfying! And this shows that you have looked into each and every aspect of your project i.e. the floor plan, the layout, the fixtures, the fittings, the switches, and so much more.

Speaking of switch sockets – those ubiquitous installations which adorn the walls in your projects and which all of us take for granted – do you know that they can go beyond the normal trait of being just functional? That they can add to the touch of class and elegance to your projects? That they can give your clients the freedom to do what they love without being disturbed?

In this post we will take a look at what a switch socket can do for the walls in your project. We trust these pointers will help you in making an informed choice when it comes to installing switch sockets.

Convenience = USB Charging. 3600 Rotation. Remote Control

Providing convenience for your client is everything. It just makes them feel at home – literally. And in today’s connected age, with client’s having access to multiple communication devices, there is always a need to keep them powered. Now, switches come with a built-in USB charging port, allowing your clients to sit back and use the devices uninterrupted – without worrying about it going off charge.
Additionally, there are fan regulators that can rotate 3600, as well as a remote control that manage the lights and fans too.

Safety & Maintenance

Though these are a given, they are very important nonetheless. Almost all of your clients will want to have a stairway indoors. So, install skirting lights that can guide them along the way. And with children in the home, sockets that are left open can be dangerous to them. To prevent any untoward incident, install sockets- such as the RJ45 – which come with a shutter; these sockets also prevent ambient dust from entering in.
With heavy-duty appliances – such as ACs and geysers – being necessary for convenient living, it is important to keep them safe as well. To take care of this, install a Motor Starter and Modular MCB – they protect these appliances from overload, and ensure a little more peace of mind for your clients.

Matches The Walls & Decor

Yes. Switch sockets should match the walls & décor. And why not? After all, your clients choose tastefully designed décor, and having matching switch sockets are a must.

At Legrand, we are dedicated to the pursuit of making the essential things desirable. This pursuit has empowered us to transform the ubiquitous switch socket into a product of convenience and sophistication. We invite you to choose from our range of products in switch sockets, for your projects in the residential or hospitality sector.

We are certain your clients will always remember their home and holidays the day you reimagine the switch socket!

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