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Ways to save more on energy bills

With the costs inflating across all commodities and consumables, many people are looking at ways of saving money. Electricity, which is a vital part of our lives unfortunately ends up being one of the major expenditures of any household. This does not have to be that way though. One can easily undertake easy steps to change their electricity consumption and reduce bills.

LED Usage :
Over the years, many have discarded traditional light bulbs or tube lights and adopted the CFL’s, the hot green option for lighting. However, more recently the CFL’s have been replaced by LED’s which is the most cost effective and probably the best options for low-cost, high efficiency, green lighting. One of the major advantages of LED’s is that it doesn’t contain any mercury. While adopting the CFL bulbs over incandescent light bulbs had reduced the electricity usage, but it didn’t look at mercury pollution from coal power plants as CFL’s do contain a bit of mercury. LEDs, on the other hand, do not contain any mercury.

Cut down on AC/Heater
Air conditioning and heating are the major electricity consumption areas for most families, especially those in cities that face adverse weather conditions. In cities where the weather is normal, people have become habituated to the air conditioning or heating facility being readily available; instead of adjusting to the weather conditions. If needed one’s body can simply adjust to the given weather condition barring a few adverse and harsh weather conditions.

Unnecessary wastage of electricity
Unfortunately, many times, there is an unnecessary wastage of electricity by simply forgetting to switch off the lights, fans or air conditioner when nobody is in the room. One can conserve both energy and reduce wastage of electricity when not in use. In addition, keeping the microwave or television in a switched on mode also consumes a quite a lot of energy, so that is also something that one can look into.

Replace old with new and upgrade
Replacing the old appliances with the new ones is often quite helpful as the new ones are as per the latest technology and standards. They definitely help in reducing the electricity consumption, thus reducing the bill. An old air conditioner will not only pull a lot of electricity but also become a junk very soon. One should identify the right time to upgrade the appliances. With a plethora of discount vouchers, sale period, once can leverage it and upgrade. However, this option should be availed only when an upgrade is needed.

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