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Your home lights are safer than they were last year

The New Year is upon us and the one thing we’ve gotten out of the last year is that you can never be too careful with your home lighting. The Christmas Season went by with a breeze and the resonating complaint during that Season would be the multiple electrical mishaps that occur. This New Year, home lighting should be the least of your concerns.

The smart light switch gives you full control of the lighting for your entire house. They function like normal switches, but with the added advantage of an application on your phone which allows you to control the light and appliances in your home from anywhere in the world.

The smart light switch also has a dimmer option where you can enjoy the kind of lighting will suit the mood of your house. The best part of the smart light switch that makes it efficient is the option of grouping lights together. This helps you control a set of lights together and makes it more convenient and less time consuming for you to set the mood of your house.

The Arteor wireless light switch makes it safer for everyone in your house to control the lights without the worry of an electrical mishap. The wireless light switch is safe for kids as well and reduces the chances of an electric shock. The smart lights app allows you to connect not just the lights but the appliances in your house as well. Syncing your voice assistants with the same allows for more safety as you need not use the wireless light switch manually but just set a voice command.

For people who travel frequently and all through the year, a simple way to secure your homes would be to schedule the lights of your house to go on and off at set times, making it seem like you have people at home even when you’re trotting the globe with your family.  You can schedule your porch lights to come on or your bedroom lights to go off at set times making your house seem filled with warmth and security.

Legrand has an existing line of safe home lighting products and is also coming up with new lighting options that will not only make the New Year safer and warmer but also, bring alive your house for the rest of the year.

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