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6 Awesome DIY ideas to bring those walls alive!

Let’s face it, a blank wall like a blank canvas that needs your touch to truly transform itself into something unique and eye-catching. While buying a painting or hanging a photograph is a good place to start, why not make it truly personal and adorn it with some super easy DIY wall hangings? Need some inspiration? Let’s begin!

#1 Easy peasy painter’s tape art: Painter’s tape is not only super easy, but it also has the added advantage of being extremely less time-consuming! The medium takes beautiful advantage of negative space and is a wonderful idea for lovers of abstract art.

#2 Get quirky with cork walls: Though mundane, cork can be quite an interesting material to work with. It is fire retardant and basically indestructible, perfect for a beautiful piece of art to adorn your wall. Glue it together to make a fun sign for your wall, a piece of abstract art, or simply use it to frame a photo or painting.
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#3 Fabricate something beautiful: Got a stunning saree you no longer wear? Or a scarf that has a small tear that makes it unusable? Don’t throw them away! Use them to create interesting wall art instead by framing them. You can layer multiple frames to create an interesting juxtaposition of texture and colour!

#4 String ‘em up!: Don’t have time to frame all those photographs you love? Here’s an easy way to sort your problem! Take a piece of colourful wire and create an impromptu gallery by hanging your photos from it! Bonus: You can add to the atmosphere by winding a string of fairy lights along the wire!
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#5 Contrast for the win: Pair your wall colours with contrasting pieces to make them really pop. For example, fuschia coloured walls with electric blue switches, an emerald green wall with a handpainted yellow vase etc. Let your imagination guide you!
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#6 Map it out!: This one is for those who have a case of chronic wanderlust and is wonderfully versatile. One way to go about it is by taking a giant map and framing its individual pieces and hanging them up to create a whole. If that’s not your style then just frame and hang the map and mark the places you have visited by thumbtacking photographs you have clicked on your visit there.
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