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Get The Most Out Of An Energy Distribution System

Energy distribution has always been an important focus-area for residential and commercial spaces. These spaces use a wide variety of gadgets and appliances for various projects and processes. In light of this, the demand for effective energy distribution is all the more critical, considering the volume of tasks that are accomplished in these spaces.

As a Panel Builder, Contractor, Consultant, your task of establishing a robust Energy Distribution System (EDS) is crucial. The System that you design becomes the foundation upon which your clients get the freedom to do a lot more. And when they can do that with the assurance of protection from short circuits, a host of possibilities start opening up for them!

While you are already aware of the importance of the ACBs, MCCBs, MCBs, Busbars, Capacitors, and other parts of an Energy Distribution System, we thought it would be beneficial – for you and your clients – to browse through this list of important guidelines to consider – so that you can get more value out of such a System.

#1 Space Saving: Space is at a premium in today’s day and age. So, make sure that the MCCBs, ACBs, MCBs are compact enough to integrate into the socket board with utmost convenience, thus making best use of the space available in your client’s premises. This helps in terms of transmission.

#2 User Friendly Protection Units: Technology and accessibility together can create wonders. Hence, ensure that the protection unit can help you and your clients to readily access the information related to tripping unit settings, measured values menu, batteries, archives etc. Not to forget, these units also protect your client’s and their homes/ commercial establishments against overloads and short circuits.

#3 Accessories: There are Control Accessories which break the notion that special or auxiliary tools are required in terms of installation. These accessories can be installed in a very short time, and in a way that there is no connection between the power and control circuits. One way to easily identify these control accessories is that they are always fitted on the front panel. It would be beneficial if you choose such accessories for your electrical installation projects.

#4 Maximum Adaptability: How about being equipped with a device that can change the connection type as per your needs? All you would need to do is use the unique reversible connector, and get the terminals changed.

#5 Flexible Configuration: Having an interlocking mechanism in ACBs makes it easier for the products to adapt to different environment and spaces. So, check if the ACBs that you are installing come with this feature.

Legrand India, in recent years, has acquired a significant position in the market for reinventing the energy distribution space. Systems such as Zucchini Busbars, Alpivar Capacitors, DMX³ ACBs, DRX MCCBs, and Ekinox³ Distribution Boards are user-friendly, and have led to several consumers living a hassle-free life.

As a Panel Builder, Contractor, Consultant, you can set up a smart Energy Distribution System, thereby giving your clients an amalgamation of technology and convenience.

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