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How IoT Devices Can Improve Your Home & Office

The Internet of Things keeps you connected and makes your life simpler. Be it controlling your gadgets remotely or collecting or sharing data, all this can be done without any human interference. Internet of Things in an office setup can connect a diverse range of hardware & technology. For instance, smartphones, robots, devices & much more, thereby improving efficiency & creating opportunities.
Here are some of the ways better efficiency can be achieved.

Smart apps are not the only way you can get a lower energy bill. Smart lighting plays an important role, and it has become one of the first IoT devices to be adopted popularly. With wireless lights, your staff can manage the amount of lighting required around the workplace. Companies have mastered powerful capabilities that let you control outdoor lighting from a mobile phone. One such example is Legrand’s powerful lighting control systems.

With the fading of conventional keys and locks, electronic access controllers have managed to replace them across industries. Forgetting the key, and even losing an access card is no longer a reason to prevent door access. Now, it takes nothing more than a smartphone app to manage your workplace security. And while users like such solutions, IT managers and admins truly love it.
With the most modern solutions, you can, for instance, integrate the door system with Slack and unlock a door with a simple command, monitor trends in accesses overtime, integrate with other security systems and a lot more.

Voice Assistants may seem limited in their capabilities now, but they will eventually evolve to operate as virtual colleagues. In this role, they will complement the work of their human counterparts and take over repetitive tasks, freeing employees to focus on higher-level projects.
One of the big value propositions of Virtual Assistants is their ability to automate and streamline mundane processes in the workplace. One of the biggest hassles in the corporate world is starting a meeting, especially when a video conference is involved. This is something a Virtual Assistant could easily tackle.
For employees who may have difficulty with certain technologies, voice assistants could help them accomplish their daily tasks more easily, or even open them up to new tasks and roles that may have previously not been possible in their current environment.

The surface has barely been scratched when it comes to the capabilities of the Internet of Things. Office and Home enhancements are just one way to dig deeper.

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