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Want to install a USB powerpoint into a brick wall?


It is hard to imagine a life without USB cords. From smartphones to fitness trackers, GPS, laptops and much more, USB enabled devices are fast taking over our world. USB devices have made our devices compatible with each other and has cut down on e-waste as people no longer need to buy multiple chargers for their many devices. Unfortunately charging them becomes a pain as they end up occupying and overloading our power points, plus the added nuisance of tangled cords. But fear not, help is here! USB sockets or universal powerpoints are have entered the market and are becoming quite popular indeed!

Here are some benefits of having a USB dedicated power point:

  • Ability to charge several electronics and devices simultaneously and quickly
  • Less tangled cables
  • Freeing up power point sockets for other uses.
  • Using extension cords and power boards can be quite unsafe and can lead to socket overload, especially if there are too many devices plugged in at the same time.

#1 Is a USB socket faster?

As an in-wall USB socket gets more current than a standard wall or auto charger, it will result in significantly easier charging for USB compatible devices as users will no longer have to spend precious time hunting for the adapter.

#2 What are the main types of USB sockets that I can install?

While the more popular power points are the ones with provides dual sockets that allow one to charge two USB gadgets while also having two appliances plugged in the standard sockets, there is a wide range of combinations to choose from in the market. From power points that provide up to 6 USB outlets to the more common double or single USB sockets ones, choosing your USB socket is a matter of identifying your usage and need. Many electrical devices companies now offer USB powerpoints in a wide variety of colours and finishes so you can match them to your decor!

#3 Where can I install USB charging stations?

Think of USB sockets as your regular plug points. You can install them where ever you think you may need one. Areas like living rooms, bedrooms and studies are the best places to install such powerpoints though it is entirely up to you to decide. Installing multiple charging points makes sense for a space like a bedroom so that you can charge multiple devices at the same time. Similarly, you can install them next to your sofa so that you can charge your devices while watching your favourite shows or next to your study table to enable easy charging even as you work.

#4 How much will it cost me?

While USB powerpoints are relatively cheap, the actual installation charges will vary depending on the location you want the powerpoints installed, accessibility and the type of outlet that you choose and how long the installation process will take. A word of advice, always choose a licensed technician to install your outlets to ensure longevity and better performance.

USB devices have made our devices compatible and our lives easier. A simple thing that can make your life around the house hassle-free.


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