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Electrical Infrastructures

Our products have been developed to fit seamlessly within existing energy distribution set-ups. They comply with the stringent quality certification standards.

Distribution Boards

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The Ekinox3 Distribution Board is available in a variety of designs, each of them integrates perfectly with any interior. It complies with the stringent IEC 61439-3.

Distribution boards should reflect the class of a room; this was our focus when we took a look at this important member of our electrical family. And so we created Ekinox3 – the most advanced, smart and stylish innovation in distribution boards. It integrates perfectly with any interior, and is available in a variety of designs.

Legrand Distribution Board - Key Features:

  1. Sleek look with rounded corners
  2. Colour that suits all types of décor
  3. Innovative door knob
  4. Quick locking system
  5. Minimal wall projection
  6. Seamless metal door design

Legrand distribution board can be used at homes, offices, industrial set-ups, hotels.