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Electrical Infrastructures

Our products have been developed to fit seamlessly within existing energy distribution set-ups. They comply with the stringent quality certification standards.


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DMX3 ACBs optimize the performance of electrical installations. It provides complete protection up to 6300A, and is available in three frame sizes for three breaking capacities – 50 kA [DMX3 N], 65 kA [DMX3 H], 100 kA [DMX3 L].

Our Air Circuit Breaker (ACBs) provide efficient protection and control. They utilize the space inside the electrical panel efficiently. The constant depth for all the rated current facilitates connection of the Busbars.

Legrand Air Circuit Breaker - Key Features:

  1. Rated operational voltage Ue: 690 VAC 50/60 Hz
  2. Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp: 12 Kv
  3. Equipped with microprocessor based protection unit
  4. Door sealing frame and 4 NO/NC auxiliary contact

Legrand ACBs can be used in all type of buildings.

Energy is powerful. Its presence allows us to dream and create new possibilities every day. At Legrand, we are committed to making the entire energy distribution process more efficient. To do this we follow, what we call, the ‘designeering process’, wherein we observe, understand, ideate, define, create a prototype, put it for user-testing, and see it through to final production. The result: you get products that give you the freedom to pursue all your projects and design your spaces with complete confidence, thus creating a culture of innovation and uniqueness that is synonymous with your style.

Air Circuit Breakers (ACBs), Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs), Distribution Boards, Busbars, MCCBs, Capacitors, Enclosures – they are everywhere. So, we put these important parts through our design approach, and what you see here are products that reflect this approach. They are developed to fit seamlessly within existing energy distribution set-ups, and comply with stringent quality certification standards. So be it the home, office, commercial establishment, industries, institutions – wherever they are used, they help to bring out the best result.