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Electrical Infrastructures

Our products have been developed to fit seamlessly within existing energy distribution set-ups. They comply with the stringent quality certification standards.


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RX3 MCBs are suitable for Copper and Aluminium cables up to 35mm2 cross section area, thus ensuring flexibility and avoiding terminal burns. It complies with ISI and CE standards, and can be used for 13 years.

    Our Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs) are suitable for copper and aluminium cables up to 35mm2 cross section area. They comply with ISI and CE standards, ensure flexibility, and help avoid terminal burns.

    Legrand Miniature Circuit Breaker - Key Features:

    1. Low watt loss
    2. 35 sq. mm. cage terminals
    3. IP20 protected terminals
    4. Bi-connected lower terminals
    5. No line load bias
    6. Suitable for isolation

    Legrand MCBs can be used in all type of buildings.