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Home Automation

Our fully customised IoT home automation solutions provide seamless control of functions in each room of your home.

MyHOME - Arteor

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Increasing digitisation and network solutions are making our lives even simpler and more convenient, as technology transforms the way we work, communicate, travel and live at home.But greater possibilities also bring greater complexity.
Thus, Legrand has developed the Arteor range, to make networked digital technology as easy as possible for designers, installers and users of living space. Arteor Smart Switches is quick and easy to install and will flexibly adapt to changing habits, aspirations and needs over time!

Detailed Features & Benefits:

- App Control for Ease of Use
All functions in an Arteor product’s installation can comfortably be controlled via your smartphone or tablet.

- Adaptive to Suit an Ever-Changing Lifestyle
Its simple installation makes Arteor a smart choice. Be it putting a switch within reach of children, rearranging the living room, converting a kid’s bedroom into an office or adding more functions; Arteor will change as readily as you do.

- An All-Round Connected Switch - 4 in 1
Arteor’s range of compact, smart and versatile products combines four functions in one: both a switch and a dimmer plus indicator and locator facilities.

- Functionality Meets Design
The Arteor range of products doesn’t only offer individual responses to all user requirements in terms of functionality. It also adds a touch of style to the overall look and feel of the house.