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5 plate finishes and 2 colour mechanisms
to match your
all-round lifestyle.
Live the advantage of an all-rounder.
Discover a range of feature-packed switches and sockets that are all-rounders in every sense, much like all Indians are. Launched after years of dedicated research and development, the Allzy range extends the boundaries of new-age wiring devices and helps improve the lives of multitaskers like you.
Mechanical Functions
Fan & Lighting Control
Sockets & Charging Solutions
Voice Data & Image
Hospitality Solutions
Power & Protection.
Switch to an all-rounder.
Bring home a range with stunning colours and design, unbeatable quality and new-age features and functionalities.
Frequently Asked Questions.
  • How is Allzy different from other switches?

    The switches offered in the Allzy range are of exceptional quality with new-age features and functions, making them a seamless and excellent option for every place.

    These switches are low on noise and high on performance with soft touch features without any clicking sound when you turn the switch on or off. It is also available in various colours and designs to suit your preferences for making the home aesthetic and appealing.

    An all-rounder premium-looking switch, Allzy switches are affordable and the right product for your needs.

  • Is there a choice of colour combinations in this range?

    Allzy switches are available in 5 sleek and stunning finishes with colour plates including White, Matte Black, Rose Gold, Gold and Alu Champagne. All the colours are equally attractive and eye catchy.

  • Why is Allzy called an all-rounder switch?

    Besides its future-ready features and functions, Allzy switches are available in various colours and designs, low on noise and high on performance. All the switches are user-friendly, safe and very convenient to use.

    Further, with Allzy’s Remote Control Unit, you can control four lights and a fan without getting up to use the switches. Allzy switches are the ultimate solution for everyone, equally useful for residential or business needs.

  • Are there any safety features in Allzy switches?

    Yes, all the switches offered are RoHS-certified, and the fan regulators have ISI marks to ensure complete safety for the users. The sockets have safety shutters to prevent shocks, and the USB charging solutions come with a CRS certificate.

  • Are Sockets from Allzy child-proof?

    Allzy sockets are entirely child-proof and safe to use due to their many user-friendly features and safety measures. The sockets are covered with safety shutters to prevent shocks so the children can use them without concerns.

  • What are the different types of Sockets available in Allzy?

    Allzy provides CRS-certified USB chargers ranging from 1.5A to 3A. The range includes USB Type A and Type C sockets with innovative features, USB Gang switches and Combi sockets.